Please be patient with us while we collect media from various sources. 

mp3_iconFootSpring Music  (None yet available)
Snippets and samples of MP3 recordings that we’ve made in a studio, or picked up from performances or at rehearsals

video_iconFootSpring Videos (None yet available)
Video recordings from our friends.  If you made one, send it to us!

sheet_music_iconOriginal Sheet Music
 Some of our original tunes, most of them written specifically for the contradance community.

set_list_iconFootSpring Set Lists (in process…)
For Callers   (SPECIAL NOTE: We consider our set lists as evolving creatures.  We are likely to modify these sets from the vast collection of tunes we know to match the needs of a particular dance,  either throwing in a new original tune, or tossing an old one that just didn’t work.  If you have a specific tune you want us to use for a dance, let us know!)